Friday, March 2, 2012

Nostaligia In a Jar

More jars...
I can't seem to stop making these jars. One month it's vintage dolls, another it's antique photos.
This collection is made up from old photos that I found at Bookman's here in Tucson.
I love the mysterious, melancholy feel of these images, especially the ones of the sea.
Also, the images of the men in service seem timely. One is of a medic from 1945, the others are of men in uniform standing in a quiet neighborhood . Home on leave? Or about to go off to war. We'll never know.

I think my favorite one, though, is Lost at Sea. Four Well dressed people are standing on a dock, but it almost seems like they are floating on water, lost. I love the faded quality of the edges, I think it adds a haunting element to the particular photograph.

Now I'm on the hunt for vintage photos!
Nostalgia in a Jar

Garden Girl

On Holiday

Lost at Sea

Librarian's Lunch

Port City

On Leave

Mr. Milquetoast Medic